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voicing the void

                   Storytelling For Change

Amidst the crisis of one of the biggest global pandemics in living times which has seen lives lost, the world as we knew it is completely at a standstill. The inequalities, the poverty and the divides within society have been brought to the forefront. During this time more and more of us are connecting, rebuilding, based on what we’ve experienced, how the world has changed, and what we all need.

‘Voicing the Void’ was developed and created during lockdown.  We reached out and subsequently recorded the stories of 19 participants from across the world including South Africa, America, Ireland and the UK. Each participant discussed how they have been affected by Covid-19 and how they are looking after their own mental health. 

Initially it started as a fundraiser and the money raised was sent to activists working in townships within Cape Town. It has since grown into a Community Interest Company.  Its activities will principally benefit vulnerable at risk young people, and other marginalised and disadvantaged members of the community within Northern Ireland. The Company may also raise funds for disadvantaged individuals living in communities elsewhere in the World to fund projects which help relieve their need.  

Everyone has a story to tell…

Why share your story?

Telling your own story in your own words empowers us.  It changes us.  It makes us stronger, and it brings us to a place where healing can happen. 

We have worked with people of all ages from many backgrounds, from those who are drug and alcohol-dependent, to those who have been imprisoned, and those who are struggling as the most marginalised groups/individuals in society.  

We love to witness the innate power of (re)creating a story, where these individuals become the authors, editors and publishers of their own lives.  Powerful ‘others’ have had their way with these people – some have been victims their whole lives – and the transfer of power from ‘other’ to ‘self’ during the storytelling process is palpable, tangible and visible for everyone involved.

Sample stories - To view more visit our gallary.

the covid-19 stories

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Why it is important

I feel proud to have shared my story. This virus is worldwide and we all need to stay strong and look after our mental health. Sharing your story is good for your mental health. Just remember it’s okay not to be okay.


I use storytelling to promote human-rights environments throughout the world because with storytelling you have the power to influence a cause or even paint the future.


The encouragement I received really gave me the boost to read out what I wrote out loud. Taking part in this project has made me brave.


After sharing my story I feel like I can be myself again. Its like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders


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