Doing some good with good coffee

Coffee is an international language – and these days, our global community is closer than ever. We’re proud to be members, but that membership comes with responsibilities.
Protecting the people at the heart of our community comes first. That’s why we work in partnership with small farms and cooperatives, ensuring everyone involved can make a fair and sustainable living. It also means you know you’re doing some good while you enjoy good coffee.

Fairtrade Certified

Some of the world’s best coffee comes from its most under-developed regions. So we buy directly from farmers and growers at a fair price, and our Fairtrade partnerships support local schools, hospitals and other infrastructure.

Rainforest Alliance Certified

Our Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee comes from farms and forests where water, soil and wildlife habitats are protected, where workers are treated well, and where families have access to education and healthcare.

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