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Mission and Vision

VISION:To create a more equal and just society, through the power of storytelling to create personal and societal change.

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Our Mission

To Empower, Enable and Encourage the most marginalised groups in society to find and subsequentially share their story. We believe everyone has a story to tell – but few people get the chance to tell it. There’s enormous potential for change, healing and transformation that comes from telling our story and having our story heard. With an award-winning team, and co-facilitated sessions with young people we create a safe space where all members of society can feel safe, to reflect upon and share their story, thus enabling them to begin to focus on their future. The programme helps to reinforce resilience, reflection, empathy, communication, self-care and direction.

our values



S – Self-expression – We want you to be yourself- let the real you shine and inspire others.

T – Truth – We will speak truth to power. Sometimes it hurts, heals and frees us from self-defeating beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. 

O – Open – We are openminded and real.  We endeavour to be warm-hearted, open and honest. We take time to listen to each other and our communities in which we work with, because that is how we learn, grow and make change. 

R – Respect – Respect is an extremely important core value and is integrated into everything we do.  We treat everyone with the same respect regardless of their story, experiences or background. 

Y – Youth-led – We will invest in youth-led and youth centred projects. These projects will advocate for change identified by the young people themselves. 


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